MyCamDate Frequently Asked Questions

1. MyCamDate Site and Rules
  1. What is MyCamDate?
  2. Are all MyCamDate webcams live?
  3. I have a smartphone, can I see MyCamDate live chat on my mobile?
  4. What happens in a private /full private chat?
  5. What is the Spy/Voyeur chat exactly?
  6. What is a group chat?
  7. What is the Tip feature?
  8. How do I chat privately with models?
  9. How do I show my own webcam to the models?
  10. What are the rules here?
  11. A model or a member was rude to me. Kick them out!
  12. I have not seen a certain model online. Where is she?
  13. I was not satisfied with a show in the private chat. Can I get a refund?
  14. I have other issues or questions. What do I do?
  15. Can I watch sex cams for free?
  16. Why sex chat if I can just watch porn?
  17. What is a sex show?
  18. What if you want to see something special via porn chat?
2. Information on prices and Token purchases
  1. How much does it cost? What is a token?
  2. How to pay?
  3. What to do if I made a payment, but did not receive tokens?
  4. How can I get FREE tokens?
  5. How much of my money goes to the models?
  6. How much does video chat room cost?
3. Member Account
  1. What do I get once I register for free?
  2. What is the premium member? How do I become one?
  3. Who's a moderator and how to become one?
  4. I forgot my password. How can I restore it?
  5. What can I do in the sex chat rooms?
  6. Can I tell my friends about MyCamDate?
4. MyCamDate Models
  1. What are the models not allowed to do?
  2. What kind of models do you have?
  3. What are the models' working hours?
  4. How can I find a specific model among hundreds of your models?
  5. How do I talk to models?
  6. How to become a MyCamDate model?
  7. How can I find a performer?
  8. Can I remove some countries from the list and not connect with people from those places?
  9. Can you introduce a filter for connections with different age groups?
5. Technical Help
  1. What do I need to watch a video?
  2. I cannot see the video or chat room.
  3. I have other problems or questions. What do I do?
  4. How does the video chat work?
  5. What is high definition (HD) video?
  6. Can you show the number of users in each country?
6. Billing Help
  1. Can I buy tokens without a credit/debit card?
  2. I wanted to buy tokens with my credit/debit card, but the transaction was declined. Why?
  3. Are there any recurring charges if I pay by credit card?
  4. What will appear on my credit card statement?
  5. I purchased some tokens, but still have not received an email confirmation/receipt. Why?
  6. Why is it that the dates of the charges on my bank statement do not match the purchase dates?
  7. Is my personal information safe at MyCamDate?
  8. I have another question about billing not covered here. What should I do?